Friday, October 18, 2019

Learning Center - Read with the Teacher

Reading Tip: As you read to your child, keep them interested by asking, “What do you think will happen next?”, letting them turn the page, and encouraging them to read along with you a little if they know the story.

The most important learning center that we do is Read with the Teacher. Every group rotates through centers every two days so I am able to read with each group twice every week. This is the best chance for me to work on reading strategies with students. 

I don't read the book for the students. Instead, I help them look at each word and figure out how to read it. It may be looking at the picture (Eagle Eye). It may be a sight word (Memory Elephant). It may be a word to sound out (Stretchy Snake). Those are the strategies we have used so far at this early level. There will be more later. 

All of those strategies deal with Reading Fluency, which is important, but Reading Comprehension is the harder part for most students. So I also ask questions, such as "What was your favorite part?", "Do you have one of the things from the book at your home?", "What do you think will happen next?", or "Why do you think that happened?" They have some pretty interesting answers!

The boys and girls read the book through again without my help after having figured out the words in the book. They may read to each other or read on the phone too. They have read the book over three or four times before they come home to read it to you. 

There is a lot of progress happening! I will soon switch up the groups and several students are ready to move up a level!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Learning Center - Read to Self with Reading Buddies!

OCSI uses the Daily 5 system of getting kids reading, writing, listening, and speaking in learning centers every day. One of those is Read to Self. This is still hard for kindergartners because storybooks are still beyond their reading level. Reading with a Reading Buddy helps build stamina for reading and helps create a pleasure association for reading! It's even better reading with a pet!

Reading Tip: Studies show that children who regularly read to dogs and cats develop a strong love of, and confidence in, reading. If you have a pet, let your child try! It is good bonding and the animal will never criticize your child’s reading ability. 

Buddies love to read too!

Reading with a Buddy, and a friend, on a beanbag? Wow!

Making Plywood

The investigation into wood is nearing the end. The students have learned about making plywood and particle board. Here they are using popsicle sticks and glue to make "plywood".

Writers and Runners

It was a beautiful Friday afternoon so K.1 and K.2 went to the Elementary playground(!) for a fun activity called Writers and Runners. 

Each child had a partner. One partner was the writer and the other partner was the runner. The runners joined me at one soccer net and I showed them a sight word flashcard. Each runner ran back to the writer partner and told them the word. The writer had to correctly write it down on their whiteboard and give it to the runner, who ran back to show me the board. The first one back was the winning team! The runners had to use English and make sure their partner wrote the correct letters, in the correct order. If it was incorrect, the runner had to take it back to the writer to fix it!

It ended up being a lot of running, a lot of English, and a lot of fun. 

Writers waiting to get the word
Runners racing to tell the writers

Runners showing the board to get it checked

Runners and writers working together

Being shown the word
The first one back this time!
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