Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Trip to the Fire Station

K.1 and K.2 took a trip to the Foster Fire Station on Feb. 15th. It was a great trip and the kids had a lot of fun! They were able to see the inside and outside of a fire truck, ambulance and the fire station. Firefighters demonstrated how to put on and use their equipment and the students also learned some fire safety tips. 

Afterwards the students received a lot of free items such as a colouring book and firefighter helmet!

with Sparky the firehouse dog

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Reading Week - Pyjama Day!

Everyone had a lot of fun wearing pyjamas to school! It was amazing that some kids wanted to nap during free play time! Maybe they should wear pyjamas to school more often...

Reading Week - Reading Buddies!

K.1 regularly meets with Mr. Logan's Grade 3 class for reading buddies. Since it's Reading Week we had a special session reading buddies from Grade 6 (my students from last year!) on Thursday.

Each K.1 student picks five books from the classroom library and keeps them in their holder for their buddy to read. They can also pick a leveled reader (the ones they bring home to read to parents) to demonstrate their reading ability to their buddy!

Everyone seemed to enjoy it a lot. Maybe we will have a chance to do it again!

Reading Week - Bring a stuffed animal!

We had a great reading week in kindergarten! Some parents were able to come as guest readers on Monday and Tuesday. The kids enjoyed it a lot!

Eloise's dad came to read on Monday!

Sofia's dad came to read on Monday!

Shyla's mom came to read on Monday!

Evan's mom came to read on Tuesday!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Yomitan no Sato

We took a field trip to Yomitan no Sato to sing and give gifts to the residents to celebrate Grandparent's Day in Japan. The students had fun on their outing and did a great job singing. There were a lot of positive comments also on how well the students approached the seniors without hesitation. The residents really enjoyed the visit! There were a lot of happy faces. 

Here are some photos of our field trip.

 Thank you for donating so much food!

One last rehearsal before departing.